The U.S. seized…/The Dow industrials rose…/Barclays agreed…/Banks abruptly stopped…/The Fed kept…/consumer prices fell…/GAO questioned…/Sally Mae embroiled with Education Department… I feel amazed at the global floundering going on right now. These story teasers in today’s Wall Street Journal point to nothing if not how clueless the world’s leaders are to deal with the reality of the world’s wealth. 

Are we not all children in a sandbox when it comes to such enormity?  

Other reminders of my smallness are definitely more pleasant when I view one of my favorite websites, NASA’s Astrology Picture of the Day: There, new, daily, beautiful photographs and illustrations of stars, planets, outer space are posted. The following poem by Emily Dickinson suggests a response, including a way to read the news today, that will make for more empathy worldwide. And, how to look at the enormity of inner wealth, inner space.

Your Riches — taught me — Poverty.

Myself  — a Millionaire

In little Wealths, as Girls could boast

Till broad as Buenos Ayre — 


You drifted your Dominions — 

A Different Peru — 

And I esteemed all Poverty

For Life’s Estate with you — 


Of Mines, I little know, myself — 

But just the names, of Gems — 

The Colors of the Commonest — 

And scarce of Diadems — 


So much, that did I meet the Queen — 

Her Glory I should know — 

But this, must be a different Wealth — 

To miss it — beggars so — 


I’m sure ’tis India — all Day — 

To those who look on You — 

Without a stint — without a blame,

Might I — but be the Jew — 


I’m sure it is Golconda — 

Beyond my power to deem — 

To have a smile for mine — each Day,

How better, than a Gem!


At least, it solaces to know

That there exists — a  Gold — 

Altho’ I prove it, just in time

Its distance — to behold — 


It’s far — far Treasure to surmise — 

And estimate the Pearl — 

That slipped my simple fingers through — 

While just a Girl at school.


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