If you want help with self-expression, freedom and a leg up on dealing with the moods of others, why not read a poem by Emily Dickinson like “”Morning” — means “Milking” — to the Farmer —”,  and see other’s points of view.

This poem breaks through my tendency to paint problems on a canvas of conviviality. Let’s consult one who has a higher vantage point. 

“Morning” — means “Milking” — to the Farmer — 

Dawn — to the Teneriffe — 

Dice — to the Maid — 

Morning means just Risk — to the Lover — 

Just Revelation — to the Beloved — 


Epicures — date a Breakfast  — by it — 

Brides — an Apocalypse — 

Worlds — a Flood — 

Faint-going Lives — Their lapse from Sighing — 

Faith — The Experiment of Our Lord — 

“”Morning”” to me means walking my two dogs at dawn, meditating, reading and writing. If I lived in Teneriffe, which lies a little west of the centre of the archipelago, between the islands of Grand Canary and Gomera, perhaps morning would mean much the same.

If “”Morning”” is not a greeting, but whatever time of day, or night, when all things feel new, then a video-game to my grandson, or, such as “Dice — to the Maid —”, might generate that unconscious sign, like rising out of sleep, of relating to others. 

At the dawn of romance, that silly bauble, risk, is brushed off. If risk has quieted where sexual desire is part of the overall emotional intensity, every morning is “Just Revelation — to the Beloved — ”.

Connoisseurs of fine food can remember when and where they were when they ate a perfect entree. Life is measured before and after such an event.

A bride’s first morning could be the end of her private world. Or, does the poem indicate a more apocalyptic condition, like St. John’s vision? A simple “lifting of the veil” in Greek; apocalypse is often used in this day and time to refer to the end of the world. “Brides — an Apocalypse — /Worlds — a Flood — ”. Noah ushered in the dawn of post-flood humanity.

Any “..lapse from Sighing — ” in grief or other anguish may or may not be recognizable as a “morning feeling” when healing is taking place.  To those who’ve doubted their own survival, faith means a beginning, when, perhaps, God lets us experiment with our sincerity.

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