Imagining greener pastures can be as much an exercise of intuition as a tip that I need to check my restlessness.

When I find myself dreaming of what it might be like to live in Italy, looking at airline fares and the cost of renting a home in Florence, the poem “You’ll know it — as you know ’tis Noon —” tells me to go with the shimmer of exotic enticements. The urge to satisfy my wanderlust can be harnessed for the pleasure of exploring new ideas for contentment in the life I have. “It”, intuition, “Eye,” synonyms for what this poem by Emily Dickinson asserts is a powerful instinct, can be used to propel me to a better future.

You’ll know it – as you know ’tis Noon –
By Glory –
As you do the Sun –
By Glory –
As you will in Heaven –
Know God the Father – and the Son.

By intuition, Mightiest Things
Assert themselves – and not by terms –
“I’m Midnight” – need the Midnight say –
“I’m Sunrise” – Need the Majesty?

Omnipotence – had not a Tongue –
His lisp – is Lightning – and the Sun –
His Conversation – with the Sea –
“How shall you know”?
Consult your Eye!

I used to know a senior partner in a prestigious law firm in Tennessee who shared with me the experience of having lost a child. He spoke to me once of battling depression off and on since his child’s death. I asked how he coped. He said there were many days he didn’t, but that he tried to hope each day would be better.

As I listened it seemed his inner eye kept him going, while grief crippled his conscious thoughts. But, that useful fantasy, “better,” gave him courage. “By intuition, Mightiest Things/Assert themselves – and not by terms – ”.

God won’t be pinned down with an audible voice, “Omnipotence – had not a Tongue – /His lisp – is Lightning – and the Sun – ”. But “By Glory – ” I know when I’m led in the right landscape of meaning and purpose.

The poem is so powerful in its insistence that intuition, my inner eye, is all I need. When faced with problems and dilemmas, “”How shall you know”?/Consult your Eye!”


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