The first stanza of “To put this World down, like a Bundle —” by Emily Dickinson, pulls me into it with its easy language and rhythm. At first I think I’m going to like the picture of putting “this World down, like a Bundle -”.

But, the remainder, for the most part, ushers up pictures for me of sanctimonious churchgoers who need to lighten up!

To put this World down, like a Bundle –
And walk steady, away,
Requires Energy – possibly Agony –
‘Tis the Scarlet way

Trodden with straight renunciation
By the Son of God –
Later, his faint Confederates
Justify the Road –

Flavors of that old Crucifixion
Filaments of Bloom, Pontius Pilate sowed –
Strong Clusters, from Barabbas’ Tomb –

Sacrament, Saints partook before us –
Patent, every drop,
With the Brand of the Gentile Drinker
Who indorsed the Cup –

I don’t feel as ornery as I did yesterday. I’m pretty happy today. But, this poem provokes the suspicion I haven’t suffered enough in my life. I won’t say I don’t know “the Scarlet way”, which I take as epitomized in the poem when “Trodden with straight renunciation/By the Son of God -”.

However, I never gave up anything I wanted in my life, without a fight, I’m thinking. Don’t kid me. Who does?

Years ago, I was overweight at the beginning of a pregnancy. Fearing to feel like a beached whale after nine months, I put myself on a diet and lost enough to check into the hospital when he was born weighing what I had at the beginning. Serious dieting. 

That is the only time I ever did “walk steady, away,” from temptation, willingly.  

Well, I guess there have been a few good-looking human specimens toward whom I have forced myself to look only. Do you think that counts to ally myself among “his faint Confederates” in “renunciation”? 

I’m certain the piles of high-calorie foods that I did not taste generated “Flavors of that old Crucifixion” when I could hear the calories burning. So much discipline absolutely “Requires Energy – possibly Agony -”.

But, even I would not count any such transactions on my part as “Sacrament, Saints partook before us -”

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