I wonder if there is anyone who is truly disinterested in recognition.  The millions of blogs that have been launched in the past few years indicate to me a vast hunger abroad for noticing.

I may be chief among this crowd.

Like Mighty Foot Lights – burned the Red
At Bases of the Trees –
The far Theatricals of Day
Exhibiting – to These –

‘Twas Universe – that did applaud –
While chiefest – of the Crowd –
Enabled by his Royal Dress –
Myself distinguished God –

My desire for getting around and getting in touch with people to communicate what I see and learn from the poet Emily Dickinson has burned in my heart for years. Pity the person who knows next to nothing of the poems and reveals this to me in conversation. I cannot stand to keep my tongue idle in these situations and will seize on the topic at hand to inject a poem into it.

Is this seeking the spotlight?

“Like Mighty Foot Lights — burned the Red” sunset, an icon of the satisfactions of “The far Theatricals of Day”.  As long as anyone will read a poem with me or listen and share their ideas, “Exhibiting to These — ” is the same as if “’Twas Universe — that did applaud —”.

If I could sit with some of the readers of this blog, whose interest in poems relate to a crisis or high-point in life, oh my! we could chat all day.

On days when I don’t have many readers, I’m sure there would be plenty who would say I’ve wasted a good deal of time murmuring to myself. But, I don’t feel that way.  I’ll take permission from the poem and say, I, too, am “Enabled by his Royal Dress” whose poem-enhanced life is “distinguished (by) God”.


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