The most unwilling membership I know are the bereaved parents and siblings who participate in The Compassionate Friends, a nation-wide organization. (A link is provided on this blog.)

In memory of my daughter, Audra Marie, who died on this date in 1983, the following poem by Emily Dickinson, “If you were coming in the Fall,” will, I sincerely hope, find its way to other TCF members.

If you were coming in the Fall,
I’d brush the Summer by
With half a smile, and half a spurn,
As Housewives do, a Fly.

If I could see you in a year,
I’d wind the months in balls –
And put them each in separate Drawers,
For fear the numbers fuse –

If only Centuries, delayed,
I’d count them on my Hand,
Subtracting, till my fingers dropped
Into Van Dieman’s Land.

If certain, when this life was out –
That yours and mine, should be –
I’d toss it yonder, like a Rind,
And take Eternity –


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