It really doesn’t matter what the ambition. I’ve seen my own change to match the stages in my life. It is hard to imagine anything that absorbs my attention more than “getting it right.” Matching a career or other goal with abilities and taking the right steps to get it done.

In “My Worthiness is all my Doubt —”, Emily Dickinson suggests starting a conversation within.

My Worthiness is all my Doubt –
His Merit – all my fear –
Contrasting which, my quality
Do lowlier – appear –

Lest I should insufficient prove
For His beloved Need –
The Chiefest Apprehension
Upon my thronging Mind –

‘Tis true – that Deity to stoop
Inherently incline –
For nothing higher than Itself
Itself can rest opon –

So I – the Undivine Abode
Of His Elect Content –
Conform my Soul – as ’twere a Church,
Unto Her Sacrament –

Last evening, three other people and I were so caught up in conversation about the cross-purpose aims of “the Wheelers” in the movie “Revolutionary Road.” We blocked circulation of arrivals and departures in the lobby puzzling over how two people might find happiness when individual beliefs about meaning are incomprehensible to the other. 

Perhaps delaying to start on a career is really suspicion: “His Merit — all my fear —”. Thinking too much about how high my aim, “Contrasting which, my quality” of talents “Do lowlier – appear / Lest…”.  It’s like harboring a desire to marry someone, obsessing about “His beloved Need” without the courage to start with, “Hello, my name is ____.”

How often we hear, “It was meant to be,” when we mean some choice or outcome has an intrinsic feel, “’Tis true —”.  We are sure of a miracle, “that Deity stoop”, when events and unplanned detours converge in a positive manner “For nothing higher than Itself”. I am free to imagine “itself” is either my ambition or myself. Either way, when ’tis true, “Itself can rest opon” itself. 

“So I — the Undivine Abode”, with no guarantees about my talent or ability, am transformed by chance and by choice if I align myself “Conform my Soul,” with the only ambition that means anything to me. Still borrowing from the language of holy things, because it helps to recognize the “divine mutuality” of choosing correctly, my role in life is “Of His Elect Content —”.

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