I’ve come to believe everyone makes assumptions only barely resembling truth. I’ve listened to poets discuss Emily Dickinson’s psyche for hours upon hours; ignoring poetry. I caught myself in an assumption about a football coach by being surprised when one showed poetic sensitivity.

“I was not wanting to miss anything. It’s real. It’s something you can’t — can’t fake it. It’s a moment in time.

“A moment in time and then ‘poof.’ It’s over,” said Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin, in an NFL interview the week before the Super Bowl.

Dickinson’s “Unfulfilled to Observation —” cautions against assuming knowledge based on commonplace, conventional understanding.

Unfulfilled to Observation –
Incomplete – to Eye –
But to Faith – a Revolution
In Locality –

Unto Us – the Suns extinguish –
To our Opposite –
New Horizons – they embellish –
Fronting Us – with Night.

I may think your way of life “Unfulfilled to Observation —”, for nothing about it interests me. Anyone who is suspicious of a poet’s, or anyone else’s, choices because they appear “Incomplete — to Eye —”, do not have the right to gossip or otherwise interfere with the next person’s response.

It’s so hard not to judge. A boy grows up to be entirely different from what I expected. A parent who was easy-going but aloof, may become a friend. Working on a career without the support or encouragement of loved ones may take place right under their noses. “But to Faith — a Revolution / In Locality”. The locale may stay the same, but everything else can change.

Everyone around seems to agree on the same judgment, conclusion or assessment, “Unto Us — the Suns extinguish —”. For some reason what gets everyone else going, just leaves me cold.

No matter how much the authorities “New Horizons — they embellish —”,  it all just speaks “To our Opposite —” way of thinking. 

The lucky among us may become aware of our blind judgments, assumptions and otherwise self-limiting ideas. The same confrontation “With (my own) Night.”, may also front the deeper understanding that is possible if I open my mind. The poem welcomes the black hole between one person and many. Or, perhaps between me and myself. I’m still amazed at how much effort goes into covering them.

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