Stunned by the pitfalls of misdirected compassion and my own limitations on a new project, today I am threatened with being caught up in petty personal causes. I feel if I don’t get outside myself enough to appeal to the concerns of new people in my life where I’ve obligated myself, I will fail.

The poem that finds and reveals the hidden, frightened, and challenged, excited person I am this morning is, “Struck, was I, nor yet by Lightning —”, by Emily Dickinson.

Struck, was I, nor yet by Lightning –
Lightning – lets away
Power to perceive His Process
With Vitality.

Maimed – was I – yet not by Venture –
Stone of stolid Boy –
Nor a Sportsman’s Peradventure –
Who mine Enemy?

Robbed – was I – intact to Bandit –
All my Mansion torn –
Sun – withdrawn to Recognition –
Furthest shining – done –

Yet was not the foe – of any –
Not the smallest Bird
In the nearest Orchard dwelling –
Be of Me – afraid.

Most – I love the Cause that slew Me –
Often as I die
Its beloved Recognition
Holds a Sun on Me –

Best – at Setting – as is Nature’s –
Neither witnessed Rise
Till the infinite Aurora
In the other’s eyes –

Doing a hit-and run, “Struck, was I, ……”, “Maimed — was I — …”, “Robbed — was I”, the words accomplish their aim at me by what is eliminated.

No, it’s not “by Lightning”, “not by Venture —”, nor “Bandit”. I’m glad to know all this. But what is it? “Who mine Enemy?”

Although there are those I would prefer not to have to deal with, I “Yet was not the foe — of any —”.

Perhaps in the poem, “the Cause that slew Me —” is poetry itself. Or, more universally, the answer to, “Who mine Enemy?”, well, that would be me. The line has a mysterious, deflating effect on the high emotion building up. “Most — I love the Cause that slew Me —”

The acknowledgment of myself as the question and the answer to my problem, “It’s beloved Recognition”, offers a way out of darkness. “.. Recognition / Holds a Sun on Me —”.

Until the day when “infinite Aurora”, a brilliant radiance defines my inner and outer self, forever, and “In the other’s eyes —”, I shall have to make do. Until then, I can decide to set to work. Not shy away from people or challenges. 

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