Now that I’ve decided to represent myself in the lawsuit against me, I’m going to need all the skill my genes allow to express ideas and feelings effectively. Did you ever stand in a Cavern’s Mouth -” by Emily Dickinson, puts me squarely in mind to take a no-nonsense approach.

As always, in a pinch, I turn to Dickinson poems.

Did you ever stand in a Cavern’s Mouth –
Widths out of the Sun –
And look – and shudder, and block your breath –
And deem to be alone

In such a place, what horror,
How Goblin it would be –
And fly, as ’twere pursuing you?
Then Loneliness – looks so –

Did you ever look in a Cannon’s face –
Between whose Yellow eye –
And your’s – the Judgment intervened –
The Question of “To die” –

Extemporizing in your ear
As cool as Satyr’s Drums –
If you remember, and were saved
It’s liker so – it seems –

I have a pretty decent imagination. And, I express myself about as well as the next person. My thinking doesn’t qualify me for rocket science, but then all that left brain astro-physicists thinking never appealed to me anyway. This poem is a cautionary tale demanding its reader make a clear distinction between imagination and illusion. I fully recognize the possibility of illusion where representing myself is concerned. It’s just that I really don’t have the money to do otherwise.

The first two stanzas describe my feelings, using imagination to clarify.  Imagination gives the brain freedom to “look – and shudder, and block your breath -/ And deem to be alone”.

The third stanza takes on the judge’s role, “the Judgment intervened -”, although financial death is possible, “The Question of “To die” -” is an illusion. There is always the risk that the power of imagination will be used negatively; thereby creating illusion.

The poem cautions me, Extemporizing in your ear/As cool as Satyr’s Drums –, to subject all the ideas that come to me now to the test of time. (Is meditation a way to do this?) My big challenge is not only fine points of the law, but, to find out whether my answers to the summons, and the ideas/thoughts involved are of lasting value or just a fantasy of a moment. The difference is crucial: If you remember, and were saved/It’s liker so – it seems -”.

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post script: anyone reading this post and the previous one, may be interested to know that I found a lawyer willing to reduce his fees and to represent me. For now, all is humming along nicely. Thank you for your interest.