It’s mostly typical these days for me to say, “What the heck do I do next?”

However, even lost girls may feel quite good, optimistic and positive about life in general, occasionally. Although I am confounded by a legal/personal crisis that I find myself in, “Did Our Best Moment last – ”, by Emily Dickinson, reflects my “heavenly mood” today.

Did Our Best Moment last –
‘Twould supersede the Heaven –
A few – and they by Risk – procure –
So this Sort – are not given –

Except as stimulants – in
Cases of Despair –
Or Stupor – The Reserve –
These heavenly moments are –

A Grant of the Divine –
That Certain as it Comes –
Withdraws – and leaves the dazzled Soul
In her unfurnished Rooms –

“A few” feelings of warmth and generosity toward friends and others encountered on a day-to-day basis include my urge to protect and care for just about everyone: and they by Risk – procure – /So this Sort – are not given – Except as stimulants – in/Cases of Despair -”.

Ordinary interactions with others in everyday surroundings have developed into satisfactions, Or Stupor – The Reserve -” that are missing when life presents little in the way of limits to my daily routine.

And these encounters will provide opportunities to grow and to enlarge my life. Or, These heavenly moments are -/ A Grant of the Divine – /That Certain as it Comes -Withdraws -”. Then, I am back where the landscape of my thinking is caught within the barriers of my knowledge, resources and experience.  These newly confined limits of daily routine can actually become the vehicle for new chances and opportunities.

Unless I am again “the dazzled Soul” lost in my own “unfurnished Rooms -”.

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